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What is the Difference Between DVR and NVR

NVR stands for Network Video Recorder, whereas DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder. Most NVRs Network Video Recorders) are used in conjunction with IP cameras whereas DVRs are used with analog cameras. An Internet Protocol camera, or IP camera, is a type of digital video camera that receives control data and sends image data via an IP network. It's important to note that a DVR based system is a wired security system, whereas NVR systems can be a wired or a wireless system.
Top 5 Reasons to go with IP Security Cameras
Top 5 Reasons to go with Analog Security Cameras

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: D : Now, this guy knows how to do a video. He learns his lines and delivers them. No lazy jump cuts here. I also learned a thing or two. Cheers.
2M Technology : Well thought out and explained! Much appreciated!
acmetall : Had an NVR failure. I had no idea what was the difference between the new and the old and why! Your video helped out, thank you sir!
Edwardcolton : You can add an encoder on quality NVRs to add legacy analog cameras (coax BNC ) to a new IP Camera system.
Padwan Mogme : Excellent presentation. I learned something new, and I already know everything! And, for once, I didn't need to set Playback speed to 1.5.

Finding the BEST 4K Security Camera NVR Package (Reolink vs Amcrest vs Swann)

I tested 3 of the most popular 4K security camera packages on Amazon to see if you get more by paying more. Reolink did it again making the highest quality product for the lowest price... with a few caveats.

Reolink 4k NVR Bundle:
Reolink Direct:

Amcrest 4k NVR Bundle:

Swann 4k NVR Bundle (don't buy this):

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Jay Ayala : I love that you let us know your pick at the beginning and then explain why. Most people make you skip through the video to find the pick. I actually watched your entire video for the pro/cons. Thank you.
Lloyd Wilkinson : Awesome video Rob! Always some of the best and precise reviews on YouTube. Very well compared and thought out. Keep it up!

As a rough question though on the three systems how much in terms of days/hours of recording would you be able to store in continual playback mode? I'm mostly interested in the reolink and wonder how much recording you'll get out of the standard 2tb drive?

Also I guess it auto loops recording over the oldest footage?
Calamity Andy : Great video! One thing you didn't test that I've seen problems with: Some of these DVRs have serious problems when all 8 channels are used, which of course depends on how many MP each camera is. Would love to see this test in the future.
Kolorado Kid : This is an incredibly valuable video. Had to look up differences between NVR and DVR and PC based systems. I’m convince a dedicated NVR system is better than trying to use PC for many reasons. I’m sure you have a video on all that. Thank you for the review. You mentioned everything I wanted to know about. Can’t tell you how impressed I am with your videos.
Cam : Really wish you could combine Reolink cameras with an Amcrest NVR. I already have a Reolink PoE system installed, but I like the features of the Amcrest NVR more.

Best 4K Security Camera | Top 5 4K Security Camera System | Review 2022

Best 4K Security Camera | Top 5 4K Security Camera System | Review 2022
Welcome To #5bestforever
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Swann 4K Ultra HD Security Camera System

Amcrest 4K Security Camera System

4K HD Security Camera System

2: ★ Best Performed 4K Security Camera ★
ANNKE 4K Ultra HD Security Camera System

1: ★ Our Top Pick 4K Security Camera ★
4K Ultra HD Security Camera System


Hey, I'm Usama! Today in this video we are going to take a look at the best 4k security camera. We have reviewed more than 12 best 4k security cameras and bring the top 5 best 4k security camera system for you. These are the best 4k security cameras that can be used for your office or home security. If you were in search of the best security camera then you come to the right place. A 4K security camera is the essential need of every home or business owner. So we have reviewed the best 4k security camera 2022 so that you can pick the best 4k security camera system for you.

Transcript For Best 4K Security Camera | Top 5 4K Security Camera System | Review 2022

Security is a key feature that every homeowner should consider for their property. Whether you want to keep an eye on things while you are away from home, or you just want to assure yourself that things are in their place, an outdoor camera security system is what you need. Being able to freely scan your home for intruders at any time of the day ensures the safety of your household and is what makes outdoor cameras so popular. Nowadays, security cameras are more affordable and accessible than ever.
In this video we will be taking a look at top 5 best 4k security camera systems available. Our selection will be based on finding the perfect product that incudes ultra high-resolution picture and revolutionary features all at a fair price. And hopefully, by the end of it, we will help you get one step closer to keeping your home safe. If you want to buy one of these products or want to check updated price of any product you can check the links in the description. So let’s get start it.

The fifth product in our list is Swann 4K Ultra HD Security Camera System. This all in one packaged by Swann comes with 8 4K HD security cameras and it’s a complete reliable system suitable for home or business installation. As with the rest of the system listed in this article, the cameras use BNC coaxial wire and are able to provide 8 mega pixels resolution. The recorder comes with a 2 terabytes pre-installed hard drive. Swann’s 4K security cameras are fitted with True Detect technology to sense the heat and movement of objects such as people and cars. True Detect triggers reliable push notifications, produces more efficient video recording and generates fewer false triggers from wind, rain, trees, and other movements not relevant to security. You can mount the cameras outdoors as they’re built tough to withstand rain, snow, sunshine, and dust, day in, day out, rain or shine, with a weatherproof rating.

All the cameras support night vision. See up to 150 feet in total darkness or 200 feet with ambient light with the powerful infrared night vision which automatically kicks in as the night falls. This 4K system comes with its own phone app. You can see the cameras live and playback recordings on your smartphone or tablet, no matter where you are in the world with the HomeSafe View app. Sorry, Guys Character Limit Reached!

The videos used in this video are not owned by me i take these clips from If they want to remove any video clip then you can ping me i will remove it. Thanks to Story Blocks for providing video clips.

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Jimmy Lester : But when we're talking $2100 to $8000........forget it.
gabriel sousa : I have had the Newest.Technology system since they were initially released (over 2 years). I love the ease of use and they work well. Batteries last a long time too. I have added cameras as needed. I love the 2 way communication with this one.
Lindsay Jelleff : Great information, thank you. Wow, these cameras don't have a very good viewing angle do they? Some as low as 87deg!! Also, are there any wireless 4k cameras you can review as these were all DVR. The DVR's are probably more stable for 24x7 recording and video storage though. My issue is they are more costly to run, ie theres a hard drive spinning 24x7 and also the DVR device is always using power as well. Also, nobody ever seems to make any comments on the horrible task of running all the cabling through the roof of your house. This is a real problem and costly for those who have to pay for it, Regards
Tony Montana : I think Coaxial cable set ups are really outdated. It's too many cables and the install gets messy. POE systems are far more superior and quicker to install.
Swan has POE systems and I urge anyone who want to purchase a new system to consider Swan's POE systems.
Forget the rubbish on Ebay that made in China, like Zosi and the like. They are cheap for a reason. Don't waste your money on knock off products. Get the real deal from a name brand.
video80634 : Warning: On my 2nd Swann system (just like the one above) in less than 4 months. Swann customer service is terrible to say the least. First system failed (menu won't show on TV to make adjustments. The second system is louder than the first. I can't select 30fps like the first unit did. One camera won't detect movement or record. I've had it with this system! It's going in the trash as soon as I buy a new one.


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